The journey so far….

As we head towards the ceremony for the BIBAs 2016, we ask some of our finalists about their experience so far through the BIBAs Journey.

Today, we hear from Deborah Terras, of URPotential, finalists in the Third Sector Business of the Year category…..

“The application process gave us the opportunity to reflect on the team’s success, identify our unique selling point and to really streamline how we promote the services we provide.

“It gave us headspace to look back over our successes and pick out some of the key moments which changed and shaped our company and reflect on our current financial position and opportunities.

“We used the BIBAS questions to plan our team away day and focus on some key outcomes with the whole staff and volunteer team.

“The interviews for the BIBAs gave us the chance to do what we do best, speaking to people, working with people, telling them our story.

“We really enjoyed the face-to-face interview and found the judges had a grasp on the third sector so understood what our business was about.

“That gave us a good opportunity to showcase our projects and the amazing people we have the pleasure to work alongside.

“The Judges On Tour round of interviews gave the judges the opportunity to talk to the team without my involvement and they saw a true representation of what URPotential does.”

If you want to give your business a bigger competitive edge, enter the BIBAs today.

Nominations Close: 6th April 2018