The best piece of publicity any firm could wish for

A Lancashire business leader has urged businesses and individuals from across the county to enter one of its biggest awards.

Norman Tenray, managing director of Longridge-based OBAS UK, has said entering one of the 18 prize categories up for grabs at the Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs, could be “the best piece of publicity any firm could wish for.”

He is a two-times winner of the awards who is now a sponsor and judge and believes the awards has become known as a hallmark of quality.

OBAS UK is sponsoring the Small Business of the Year category at this year’s BIBAs, which was won by Chorley firm Festive Lights in 2016.

Mr Tenray said: “I have seen the benefit that winning at the BIBAs brought to my own business; you find people talk to you about it and view you in a different light when you have won one of them.

“Now I am a judge, I get to see many other businesses and individuals come through the process and use the limelight which being a BIBAs finalist or winner brings them to provide the best piece of publicity any firm could wish for.

“The BIBAs is synonymous with quality not just within Lancashire, it is recognised throughout the region and beyond and that is why I believe every business should look to apply.”

Following the deadline, all entries will be eligibility-checked and whittled down to a shortlist for each category which will be announced on May 2.

If you want to give your business a bigger competitive edge, enter the BIBAs today.

Nominations Close: 6th April 2018