Creative businesses urged to seize growth opportunities

Lancashire’s creative industries need to take advantage of post-Brexit being laid out by the Government, a local businessman has said.

Mark Oulson-Jenkins, Head of Production at RTR Digital, said the Industrial Strategy Green Paper published last month recognised creative businesses as one of five “world-leading sectors.”

It has tasked television executive Peter Bazalgette with conducting a review to identify opportunities for growth throughout the sector.

RTR Digital is sponsoring the Creative Business of the Year category at this year’s Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs, which are open for applications.

Mr Oulson-Jenkins said: “This is the first time the creative industries have been formally recognised in a strategy of this type and sends a positive message to all those in the sector.

“We have long known the creative sector as one which is important to the growth a prosperity of our economy and awards like the BIBAs recognise this.

“Lancashire’s creative firms need to ensure they are ready to seize whatever opportunities come their way as a result of these changes.”

Recent government statistics showed the creative industries were responsible for generating £8.8m an hour for the economy, outstripping any other sector in most of the UK.

It also showed smaller towns and cities, including Warrington and Wigan in the North West, had a concentration of high-growth creative firms.

Mr Oulson-Jenkins added: “Outside of the major cities there are concentrations of excellent creative businesses, and the BIBAs has recognised such businesses and the people who run them for years.

“I would urge anyone out there to apply for the BIBAs. The application process alone will allow you to review your business and, if you are successful enough to make it further, these benefits will increase.”

The Creative Business of the Year category is one of 18 up for grabs at this year’s BIBAs with the application window open until March 31. All entries will be eligibility-checked and whittled down to a shortlist for each category which will be announced on May 2.

If you want to give your business a bigger competitive edge, enter the BIBAs today.

Nominations Close: 6th April 2018